Who are we ?
Our values

Close to our customers in the important market of pharmaceutical leaflet production we have developed the same levels of professionalism, along with a culture of production and service that has as its bedrock, partnership, flexibity, reliability and innovation.

The team at PDV are the key to our success. We actively encourage our workforce to have an entrepreneurial spirit at all levels. To be ready and willing to change, to collaborate, to exchange, to respect everyone and most importantly of course the customer, to have a willingness to learn and to work together to achieve these things together.

There is a spirt of co-operation and cohesion from the sales manager to the machine operator that allows for quick collective decision making.

The quality, the risk management and respecting the environment are at the heart of our activities.

It is due to these levels of conscious application and expertise that we have been recognized with the following certifications: ISO 9001 : 2015, ISO 14001 : 2015 and the certificate Highly Protected Risk by FM Global.

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The desire to enterprising

"The challenge is to recruit young talent to help us innovate"

The espect for each other

"A team that allows everyone... to develop personally and professionally"

Our story

The Vosges, a place favourable to paper mill

The wood very present in the Vosges massif, allowed the blossoming of many paper mills as early as the 15th century. Paper has been present in the Vosges for 6 centuries. It is one of the oldest industries in the region. To produce paper, you need water and wood, and the Vosges have one of the largest forests in France.

The beginning of our paper mill

The first paper mill was created in 1736. In 1775, the mill was sold to two merchants at an auction, who took the machinery and sold the land, stating in the deed of sale that a stationery could no longer be rebuilt. But the buyer’s son managed to hijack the deed of sale and built a new stationery: La papeterie de Laval. In 1846 there were ten vats that provided a livelihood for 122 people and their paper was sold in Paris, Strasbourg and even in Germany.

A desire to help always present

Throughout its existence, the paper mill created 200 housing for its workers, 4 districts were built in total at the end of the 19th century. The paper mill participated in the urbanization of Laval -sur-Vologne. The stationery also had some farms to support the store The Union of Papermakers, a shop where employees could buy food at a modest price. Since the 19th century, the paper mill has been engaged in a housing policy and a food cooperative.

The Mougeot family takes over the factory

In 1874, the Mougeot family took over the stationery and by 1886, 200 people were working in the mill. After the death of Henry Mougeot, it was his widow who ran the company, the first woman to run the stationery. No changes were made to the plant during the First World War, and in 1919 their capital was increased to 1,500,000 francs.

an avant-garde company

In 1930, the mill produced more than 8,000 tonnes of paper. The plant was cited as an example for its state-of-the-art production techniques. Advertisements were made highlighting the techniques of Taylorism. Their turnover was 24 million Francs in 1930! They then begin work on the expansion and construction of the Improved productivity. This is how our production machine was built in 1964 to produce packaging paper.

Our company today

The company Les Papeteries des Vosges was created on 1 December 2002 by the Bolloré group to complete the production capacity of Papeteries du Léman on the market of Slim impression. The digitization of legal and technical encyclopedias forced the company to find new markets and led it to focus on pharmaceutical leaflet paper. With 40,000 tonnes produced per year, PDV is now the European leader in the pharmaceutical package leaflet market. In 2009, the Bolloré group separated from the paper division (PDV+PDL) and sold the company Papeteries des Vosges to an American shareholder.


It was in 2010 that we wanted to propose new offers and new services for our customers with our first processing workshop, which offers cut-to-size. Then, in 2012, another processing facility was added to our plant to offer reel cutting to our customers. It is thanks to these transformation workshops that we have been able to evolve and grow. With 40,000 tonnes produced per year, PDV is now the European leader in the pharmaceutical package leaflet market. Another important investment for us was the biomass boiler built in late 2013 to reduce our CO2 emissions.

Papeteries des Vosges

Established in 2002 at Laval sur Vologne, PDV produces a range of speciality thin print papers.
Our papers are primarily manufactured for the Pharmaceutical Leaflet Market where we have developed an expertise in both the products needed for this sector in conjunction with a level of service that is unique in providing for a customer base that requires both performance and regularity of supply.

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Papeteries des Vosges
34 rue Maurice Mougeot