Finer and lighter than standard Pharmaceutical Papers, Primabrite is the ideal paper to use when a large amount of information needs to be printed on a small surface area.

Thanks to a combination of it’s high whiteness and opacity levels, Primabite allows printers to provide a leaflet that’s highly legible, even with smaller fonts, allowing easy insertion of the finished leaflet into the tablet box.

Available in two distinct shades called Brilliant and Ultra, Primabrite is designed for maximum performance when being converted and in the final folding process.

In addition to having all the advantages of Primbrite Brilliant, the Primabrite Outsert range offers a secure opening of leaflets that have been sealed with glue.

The qualities of Primabrite

Low weighting to reduce environmental impact

High rigidity for excellent machinability and folding capability above market standards

Two differing levels of whiteness guarantees excellent readabilty which meets perfectly the specific needs of the drug companies

High Opacity

Available from 37gsm to 60gsm

Available as FSC® or PEFC

Our different ranges
Two sizes available
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Papeteries des Vosges

Established in 2002 at Laval sur Vologne, PDV produces a range of speciality thin print papers.
Our papers are primarily manufactured for the Pharmaceutical Leaflet Market where we have developed an expertise in both the products needed for this sector in conjunction with a level of service that is unique in providing for a customer base that requires both performance and regularity of supply.

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Papeteries des Vosges
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