Environmental commitment

PDV is certified ISO14001, a recognised International standard which provides a guarantee that all potential envirnmental impacts within our site are carefully managed.

Water Management

PDV is constantly looking for production methods to extract as little water as possible from the natural environment.

Effluents are treated in a physico-chemical station and then in a biological station in order to make the water as clean as possible in Vologne. Sewage sludge is converted into compost.

Energy management

A few years ago following the installation of a biomass boiler, we successfully reduced our CO2 emissions.

PDV invests annually in equipment that is more efficient and uses less energy.

Our energy consumption (electricity, steam, gas ...) are monitored and additionally an energy management system was put in place in 2017.

Forest management

The wood pulp that we use comes exclusively from certified forests.

Papeteries des Vosges are also certified FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification).

The majority of manufacturing broke is reintegrated into the manufacturing process with the balance being recycled with office paper.

Papeteries des Vosges

Established in 2002 at Laval sur Vologne, PDV produces a range of speciality thin print papers.
Our papers are primarily manufactured for the Pharmaceutical Leaflet Market where we have developed an expertise in both the products needed for this sector in conjunction with a level of service that is unique in providing for a customer base that requires both performance and regularity of supply.

How to find us

Our coordinates

Papeteries des Vosges
34 rue Maurice Mougeot

  • +33 3 29 53 52 00

  • contact@pdv.fr